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Facilitator Certification

Your organization has a unique culture and training needs — that’s why you need skilled internal facilitators to deliver it. You need to replicate your best-performing managers and teams. You know those rare managers: They figure out how to make “it” happen — regardless of what “it” is. They’ve mastered the secret to producing consistent, high-quality results. They take personal responsibility with every task, in every challenge — for ownership of results. Train your managers to create a culture of ownership, where every team member chooses to be personally responsible for producing results. Become certified in Core Strengths Accountability and join the ranks of the very best trainers in the business.

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Public Workshops

Attend a Core Strengths workshop to learn how to build a proactive culture of ownership in your team. People must take initiative to hold themselves accountable — to take personal responsibility for their actions. In the past, accountability was all about techniques for getting people to do things. But these techniques don’t always resonate. In fact, they tend to generate nothing more than compliance — not a true sense of ownership and real accountability. Today, managers need people to take ownership for producing results. That’s where Core Strengths comes in — our training helps managers create a culture of personal responsibility in teams.

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In-House Workshops

Our training is designed to be delivered in a highly experiential workshop environment. If you are looking for a low-risk commitment, contact us to have one of our master facilitators come to your location and deliver a tailored workshop. Our expert facilitators deliver training designed for individuals, managers and teams wanting to acquire new skills and knowledge, or preview the Core Strengths program prior to launching an initiative.

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Download a Core Strengths Solutions Overview: Core Strengths: Results Through Relationships
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