Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0)

Our Strength Deployment Inventory, SDI 2.0, is the foundational Relationship Intelligence that your people will use one-on-one, in teams, or across departments to improve their results.

It provides a portrait of the whole person: the strengths they bring to work, their motives when working with others, and much more.


Core Strengths: Results through Relationships

Our training focuses on applying SDI 2.0 results to real-life work situations or relationships.

With a greater understanding of their motives, your people learn to access a wider array of strengths, making them more adaptable—and successful—in dealing with others who operate differently.


Our platform keeps relationships on track. In seconds, your people can share and compare strength portraits, get guidance on word choice, and much more.

Over time, this personal coaching continually improves relationships and results, making your people—and your organisation—more fearless, innovative, and productive.

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