Diversity & INclusion

Go beneath the surface

Inclusion begins with awareness, is empowered by understanding, and results in action.

People who appear to be completely different on the surface will learn from their SDI 2.0 assessment that they share many of the same motives: That is, at their core, they are not that different at all.

And where there are core differences, everyone learns to select an appropriate approach to an interaction—down to their words!—that will likely make it more positive, while remaining true to their own personal motives for doing their best work.

Shatter stereotypes

Open up conversation about misperceptions

Discussion of differences, then, takes place on a deeper level, where people’s perceptual filters are examined, allowing them to more fully see each other. Using the specific tools and common language of Core Strengths, people engage in an honest dialogue that uncovers individual and group blind spots and makes space for cognitive and other forms of diversity to surface.

When relationships work, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.