High-Performing Teams

Bring all the talent to the table

For divergent voices to be heard, everyone needs to listen

There’s no shortage of correlation between teams that actively pursue all sides of an issue and outstanding achievement. Sounds simple, but the environment that fosters that kind of collaboration requires an adaptability in communication among your team members that puts partnership first.

Take a high-level view of team strengths

Teams are composed of skill sets, but success lies in knowing why and how people apply them

Teams are made up of relationships that interconnect in a variety of ways, which makes the composition of teams paramount to productivity. But how often does a team view itself as a whole?

On the Core Strengths platform, results of a team’s SDI 2.0 can be combined into a Team Strengths Portrait to gain insight into team dynamics. Adding someone with a complimentary strength – such as someone who excels at being methodical – can raise the whole team to higher levels of performance. This conscious composition cultivates adaptability and accountability, resetting the stage for team members to become more collaboratively connected and form stronger relationships.

When relationships work, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.