Talent Effectiveness

Connecting organisations’ people and business objectives to deliver their brand promise through a conscious commitment to improve relationships, build better teams, and coach for performance.

Talent doesn’t work alone

Create a workplace where relationships thrive

Your organisation is a fabric woven together by teams—by people interacting in big and small ways every day. The quality of those relationships determines what your business can achieve.

Relationships can be complex, but the good news is that teaching your talent to be more effective doesn’t have to be.

Talent effectiveness explained

Talent Effectiveness enables you to connect your people strategy with your business objectives to deliver your organisation’s brand promise. It is achieved through a conscious commitment to improving relationships, building better teams, and coaching for performance.

Improve relationships

When people discover how to harness what drives their personal performance, they get better at executing on it and understanding what drives others. The goal of interactions shifts to getting clarity—instead of being right—about each other.

Build better teams

Teams composed of strong relationships are less likely to have communication breakdowns. Focused on conversations where work gets done, teams with relationship intelligence promote healthy opposition to quickly see all sides of an issue, so they can make timely decisions that drive results.

Coach for performance

Healthy relationships require frequent and honest feedback. We use weekly coaching check-ins to mobilize strengths and increase commitment to personal accountability. Relationship intelligence affects daily interactions, making coaching for performance more effective over traditional talent management reviews.

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