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Relationship Intelligence and four trends in leadership

Leadership success was once defined by an executive’s ability to assess situations quickly, make decisions, take action, and deliver on goals.

Now, your leaders are directly measured by how well they empower their people to perform. This webinar will cover the latest trends in leading through Relationship Intelligence across an increasingly diversified and complex workforce.

Join Core Strengths for a webinar on Mastering the 4 New Leadership Trends Using Relationship Intelligence.

Kyle Menig, Facilitator and Community Manager for Core Strengths, will be talking with Mike Patterson, Ed.D. to explain the trends in leadership.

Your leaders will learn how to:

  • Master multiple leadership communication styles
  • Reduce conflict on teams while fostering inclusion
  • Illuminate and eliminate unconscious bias
  • Build trusted networks across their organization and beyond it

When you register you’ll receive a copy of our webinar paper “LEADING NOW Relationship Intelligence and the Four Trends in Leadership.”

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