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Get to the Root of Low Morale and Improve Employee Attendance Problems

No matter your role or your seniority level, how people show up—and if they show up—has a tremendous effect on morale. Unhappy workers are less productive, and high absenteeism (chronically missing work), only makes relationships among team members or within your department more stressed.

What the Attitudes of Elite Athletes Teach Us About Joy at Work

It makes sense then that we might all experience more joy at work—and in our team accomplishments—if we take a page from what drives joy in some of the world’s most outstanding teams. Learn what 3 things you can do to create joy in your job.
Employee Development Communication Workshop

3 Actions that Increase Commitment in the Classroom

Two things happen at the end of summer: students return to school and another football season begins. In my book, both are positive events. I also believe that those of us who do our work in the classroom have something to learn from the athletes and coaches on the field--especially, great coaches and winning teams.
Communicating as a Leader

Increase Your Stature as Leader—Past, Present, and Future

Whether you lead from the C-suite or in a daily team stand-up, your people look to you for the information they need to do their jobs, recognition for the work they’ve done, and a clear vision of the path to achievement.

How to Make Recognition Meaningful to the People Who Need It (Everyone)

Nearly everyone wants to be recognized and rewarded for a job well done. I know I do. When I’m recognized, I feel better about myself, more connected to my colleagues, and more committed to the task at hand. Positive feedback puts a spring in my step. My experience isn’t unique either.

Culture: Create a workplace where relationships thrive

We’ve all seen it; we need to deliver on a high-stakes project, so we bring together our A Team, a collection of the brightest, most talented individuals we have; and it bombs. The team that, in theory, will deliver brilliant results deteriorates into back-biting, recrimination, conflict and an abject failure to deliver. Why?

Coaching: Identifying the issue is not enough

Simply put, management is about getting things done. At times, it’s the manager taking action, but most often, it’s the manager motivating others to take collective action. And the manager generally does this through one common yet powerful medium: words.

Conflict: Understanding the Stages of Healthier Conflict

Opposition is the difference of opinion on a situation or issue and focuses on the problem or issue under debate. Conflict is when it feels or becomes more personal.

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