Conflict Management

Tackle conflict head-on

Opposition is healthy disagreement. Conflict can damage relationships. Knowing the difference is key to performance.

When people choose to avoid conflict rather than express a contrary point-of-view, diverse perspectives are silenced, and people walk away feeling unrepresented and unheard. Active conflict can be even worse, inflicting damage to relationships that powerfully affects the entire team.

Results through Relationships training teaches teams how to discern opposition from conflict and, using a common language, objectively discuss differences and brewing tensions.

Everyone reacts differently to conflict

People’s motives change as they enter conflict. Some want to keep the peace, some want to go it alone.

The SDI 2.0 Conflict Sequence enables people to correctly “see” a conflict  in themselves and others – and to manage it more effectively. With the ability to resolve conflict quickly, teams reduce the time and resources spent on conflict. They have more time to work collaboratively, instead of losing opportunities, or missing deadlines, because they could not get along.

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