Experience it for yourself

Relationships can be complex. Managing them doesn’t have to be.

Core Strengths is the only solution that develops coachable Relationship Intelligence in your people, so they can break through communication barriers, approach their differences differently, and actively shape the conversations that move businesses forward.

We have set more than 3 million people worldwide on a journey toward stronger relationships and better outcomes. In every case, their collective transformation began by experiencing one of our Core Strengths Results through Relationships™ workshops firsthand.

We offer three ways to initiate your discovery: Public workshops operate like an experiential test-drive. Certification workshops train professional trainers to bring our curriculum and platform into their client organisations. And In-house workshops give our own expert facilitators the opportunity to develop and deliver a custom training for you.

Public Workshops

Discover how in one day you can experience the best practice training that leaders are raving about.

Our “Results Through Relationships” workshop is a highly interactive programme that will have you coming away with a better understanding of yourself, your colleagues and on how to influence results through relationships.

Facilitator Certifications

Become a Core Strengths certified facilitator

Your organisation has a unique culture and training needs — that’s why you need skilled internal facilitators. Even the most highly skilled and well-intentioned workers can fall short when it comes to productively working together. And when people are unable to build on each other’s strengths or overcome differences, it can prevent your organisation from reaching that next level of success.

In-house Workshops

The Core Strengths experience, customised to your team

Contact us to arrange for a master facilitator to deliver a tailored workshop at your office. Our training is highly experiential and interactive, empowering people to develop a culture of collaboration and group ownership of results. You’ll see what makes Core Strengths unique, without having to make an extensive financial or time commitment.


Experience our love of learning

When it comes to creating a learning culture, we walk our talk. Our master facilitators are eager to share all that they learn in applying Core Strengths Solutions to individuals and teams, whether it’s to develop leaders, increase inclusion, or become more adaptable as organisation. The list just keeps growing.

Workshop Overview

Core Strengths is foundational to our leadership development programmes. Our managers are excited by what they learn, and are eager to use the tools and resources. The improvement in working relationships and communication has led to increased accountability, collaboration and innovation. As a result, our sessions are always over-subscribed, with entire divisions asking for sessions dedicated exclusively to their teams.
Tim Perlick
Sr. Director, Professional Development, CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)